Sunday, November 18

Climax of World Youth (Updated)

Cam vs Sam in Rd 10. Sam won to retake lead. (Photo: Rob Wheeler)
Good luck to Team USA in the last round at 2012 World Youth!  Watch the top boards Live on Sunday early morning starting at 1:00am PST.  FM Kayden Troff (needs a win in U14) and SM Sam Sevian (needs only a draw in U12) go for the gold!!   NM Cameron Wheeler in U12, WFM Annie Wang in G10 and Christopher Shen in U8 can bring home a medal!

 Sunday AM Update: FINAL RESULTS
  • FM Kayden Troff -- GOLD MEDAL in U14
  • FM Sam Sevian -- GOLD MEDAL in U12 (4-way tie for 1st)
  • FM Cameron Wheeler -- SILVER MEDAL in U12 (4-way tie for 1st)
  • Christopher Shen -- BRONZE MEDAL in U8

Several people have asked me if this is the strongest U12 section ever?  Without a doubt, this year's group is the strongest USA delegation in U12.  Back in his days competing in U10 and U12, local prodigy Daniel Naroditsky faced Illya Nyzhnyk of Ukraine (now a 2600+ GM), Ivan Bukavshin of Russia (also a GM), Srinath Narayanan of India (IM) and American Ray Robson (another 2600 GM).  It certainly seems possible that there are several future GMs and IMs lurking in U12; indeed, Sam Sevian already has two IM norms.

USA room with GM Benjamin (middle) + GM Finegold (back).

Northern California Scores
  • U12 - FM Sam Sevian 9.0 -- GOLD MEDAL and FM title (4-way tie for 1st)
  • U12 - FM Cameron Wheeler 9.0 -- SILVER MEDAL and FM title (4-way tie for 1st)
  • U12 - Vignesh Panchanatham 8.0 -- 11th place (tied for 6th)
  • U12 - Siddharth Banik 7.0
  • U12 - Kevin Moy 4.5 
  • G12 - Ashritha Eswaran 7.0 -- 14th place (tied for 12th)
  • U10 - Rayan Taghizadeh 7.0
  • G10 - Joanna Liu 7.0 -- 15th place (tied for 15th)
  • U8 - Ben Rood 8.0 -- 9th place (tied for 4th)
  • U8 - Balaji Daggupati 6.5
  • U8 - Kelvin Jiang 5.5
  • U8 - Milind Maiti 5.0
  • G8 - Zhiyi Wang 5.5

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