Thursday, November 15

Bay Area Kids Hunting for Medals

Maribor, Slovenia lies on the Drava River.
As the medal chase heats up at the World Youth Chess Championship, many of the Northern California participants find themselves in the mix.  After six wins in a row, NM Cameron Wheeler (7.0 out of 8) finds himself at the top of the World in U12, but another half dozen Americans remain within one point in the standings, including SM Sam Sevian (6.5) and Vignesh Panchanatham (6.0).  Among the girls, Ashritha Eswaran (6.0 in G12) and Joanna Liu (6.0 in G10) are doing extremely well to represent the Bay Area on the international stage. 

Northern California Scores After 9 Rounds
(updated at 1:00pm Friday)
  • U12 - NM Cameron Wheeler 8.0 (clear 1st, white vs Sam)
  • U12 - SM Sam Sevian 7.5 (2nd, black vs Cameron)
  • U12 - Vignesh Panchanatham 7.0 (8th, but tied for 4th, white vs S. Golubov)
  • U12 - Siddharth Banik 6.0 (34th)
  • U12 - Kevin Moy 3.5 
  • G12 - Ashritha Eswaran 6.0 (8th)
  • U10 - Rayan Taghizadeh 6.0 (26th)
  • G10 - Joanna Liu 6.0 (13th)
  • U8 - Ben Rood 6.0 (21st)
  • U8 - Balaji Daggupati 5.5
  • U8 - Kelvin Jiang 4.5
  • U8 - Milind Maiti 4.0
  • G8 - Zhiyi Wang 5.5
The final three rounds begin on Friday and Saturday at 6:00am, then Sunday at 1:00am (all Pacific time).  Check out the Pairings and Results or watch the Live Games from halfway around the globe! Go U-S-A!!

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