Wednesday, October 27

Kayden Troff and Steven Zierk Rock at World Youth

(The World Youth website includes literally hundreds of photos taken by Chessdom.)

NM Kayden Troff of Utah rocks the entire world in Halkidiki, Greece! He has scored an amazing 7.5 out of 8 and leads the U12 section by a full point with three rounds left. Kayden's pairings have certainly been difficult enough; counting tomorrow's round, he has played five of the top eleven seeds, for a performance rating of 2525 FIDE. Make sure to check out his interesting chess blog.

Bay Area FM Steven Zierk has an undefeated 6.5/8 in the U18 section, good enough for clear 2nd place. He already drew with the leader and his performance of 2649 easily exceeds the GM norm threshold. Unfortunately, Steven has faced only two of the required three Grandmasters; the other GMs all struggled to score even 5.0. What a big shame!

Bay Area Standings at World Youth (after 8 of 11 rounds)
  • U18: FM Steven Zierk 6.5 -- 2nd place
  • U12: Kesav Viswanadha 4.0
  • U12: Allan Beilin 3.5
  • U10: Cameron Wheeler 6.0 -- 6th place
  • U10: Samuel Sevian 5.5 -- 13th place
  • U10: Vignesh Panchanatham 5.5 -- 19th place
  • U8: Rayan Taghizadeh 5.0
  • Girls-U8: Joanna Liu 5.0 -- 18th place

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