Monday, May 10

Three Foot Tall Chocolate Chess Set

The family of Utah chess prodigy Kayden Troff hires a chocolate shop to make a giant chessboard with 3-foot pieces. The store owners use more than 1,100 pounds of chocolate while attempting their biggest project ever. After days of hard work, they deliver the board with 32 solid chocolate pieces at a chess camp run by 11 year old master Kayden, his family and their friends.

Little Chocolatiers is an American reality television series on TLC that airs Tuesday evenings. The show is based on Steve Hatch and his wife Katie Masterson's chocolate shop in Salt Lake City and how they make their chocolate.
  • Part I on YouTube
  • Part II on YouTube (or click on the video player at top)

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Kidzcan said...

Hi Michael,

Mom and Dad didn't actually buy the chocolate chess set. (You can't believe everything you see on TV). They approached them and offered it as a gift which would look really cool on their show. There was over 1,500 lbs of chocolate if you include the 64 square chocolate chess board. We were told that this was the finest chocolate at $15.00 a pound so that's $22,500 just for the chocolate. The silicon molding and making the pieces was much more intensive than they made it appear. We estimate $30K+ as a final cost to put all of this together. It was a blast! Thanks Steve and Katie for such a great gift!!! - Kayden and Family