Friday, May 7

Bay Area Results from Elementary Nationals

A whopping 55 local youngsters, their parents and coaches flew to Atlanta for the Bert Lerner National Elementary Championship this weekend. The local delegation includes most of the Bay Area's elite elementary age players plus large teams from the two strong Fremont schools. I hope these kids can bring home a few national titles plus an assortment of trophies from many different sections! Go Bay Area!

Northern California Standings
(final results
(click here for full results)

  • Daniel Liu 6.0, NATIONAL CHAMPION!!! (4th on tiebreaks)
  • Kevin Moy 5.0, 18th place (tied for 16th, beating three 1700s)
  • Daniel Ho 5.0, 24th place (tied for 16th)
  • Allan Beilin 6.5, NATIONAL CHAMPION!!! (clear 1st)
  • Art Zhao 6.0, 4th place (tied for 2nd)
  • Kesav Viswanadha 5.5, 8th place (tied for 7th)
  • Jeffrey Tao 5.5, 16th place (tied for 7th)
  • Armaan Kalyanpur 5.5, 17th place (tied for 7th)
  • Alvin Kong 5.0, 31st place (tied for 19th)
  • Cameron Wheeler 5.0, 33rd place (tied for 19th)
  • FM Tanuj Vasudeva 6.0, 4th place (tied for 2nd, losing to top seed Roland Feng)
  • Michael Wang 5.5, 13th place (tied for 9th, also losing against Roland Feng)
  • Leyton Ho 5.5, 17th place (tied for 9th)
  • Amit Sant 5.0, 24th place (tied for 19th)
  • Solomon Ge 6.0, 6th place (tied for 3rd)
  • John Chan 5.5, 18th place (tied for 12th)
  • Luke Zhao 5.0, 33rd place (tied for 25th)
  • Mihir Bhuptani 5.0, 38th place(tied for 25th)
Team Standings
  • Weibel K-6 finished in THIRD PLACE!
  • MSJE K-6 took 10th place
  • Weibel K-5 slipped to 17th place
  • Weibel K-3 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!! (2nd on tiebreaks)
  • MSJE K-3 got 5th place
  • MSJE K-1 took SECOND PLACE!!
If anyone who was in Atlanta took photos at the awards ceremony, pretty please with a cherry on top send me some pictures for my blog.

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