Thursday, March 4

CalChess FIDE Rated Juniors -- March 2010

The new FIDE rating list for March 2010 was released this week. Nine Bay Area juniors have earned their international rating--fully 75% of the local kids rated above 2000. Unlike just a few years ago, now there are plenty of opportunities to establish a FIDE rating simply by playing in the top section at Northern California tournaments.

Two observations this month: 1. Welcome to Samuel Sevian (photo at left by Shorman), who earned his first published rating last November. He gained 84 points since that first rating (using the higher K factor for new players). 2. The two FIDE Masters, Danya Naroditsky and Steven Zierk (photo at right from 2007 CalChess Scholastics), appear to be chasing each other's rating. Their current USCF ratings are 3 points apart; the FIDE ratings are separated by just 8 points. Go right ahead boys! Chase each other all the way to 2500!
  1. FM Danya Naroditsky 2388
  2. FM Steven Zierk 2380 -- gained 74 points in 4 months!
  3. NM Gregory Young 2268
  4. NM Yian Liou 2229
  5. NM Rohan Agarwal 2197
  6. Evan Sandberg 2159
  7. Samuel Sevian 2144 -- gained 84 points (provisional) in 4 months!
  8. Hayk Manvelyan 2087
  9. Kyle Shin 2061

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