Tuesday, September 1

CalChess FIDE Rated Juniors -- September 2009

After the graduation of five high school seniors in June, the Bay Area seeks fresh blood to fill its elite ranking lists. Earning an international (FIDE) rating is one mark of an elite player. To achieve a FIDE rating, you must enter one or more official FIDE rated events, play at least 9 games with rated opponents and score a minimum 1600 performance.

There are two new faces on the Northern California list: Kyle Shin (photo at right from ChessDryad) and Hayk Manvelyan (who actually earned his first rating in April) . Both start out with solid initial ratings in the high 2000s, a tad higher than my 2054 way back in January 2000. Kudos also to new master Yian Liou for posting an impressive gain over the past two months.

Due to a recent policy change, FIDE now publishes its ratings six times a year, up from four. The following represents the official September 2009 FIDE rating list.
  1. FM Danya Naroditsky 2339
  2. FM Steven Zierk 2303
  3. NM Gregory Young 2264
  4. NM Yian Liou 2208 -- gained 74 points in two months!
  5. NM Rohan Agarwal 2197
  6. NM Nicholas Nip 2147
  7. Evan Sandberg 2130
  8. Hayk Manvelyan 2082
  9. Kyle Shin 2071

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