Sunday, February 22

Recruiting Juniors for CalChess vs South Africa

Northern California will engage in a friendly internet match next Saturday against a group of juniors from the country of South Africa. Chess is a game played worldwide, yet most players never compete against someone from another country. In 2006, about 25 local kids took on the entire continent of Australia, winning by a handsome margin. This year's match will be smaller but hopefully just as enjoyable as the last one.
  • What: Internet friendship match between CalChess and South Africa.
  • Where: Internet Chess Club (ICC).
  • When: Saturday, February 28 from 8-11 in the morning PST.
  • Format: 8 board match + 2 alternates; play 2 games with opponent.
  • Time control: 45 5 (G/45 with 5 second increment).
  • Who: We need 10 players, age 12-16 and rated 1500-2000.
  • Other: Not USCF or FIDE rated. ICC experience required.
If you are interested in playing on the CalChess team, send email to michael AT fpawn DOT com. Include your real name, age, USCF rating and ICC username. Make sure that you can wake up in time to log in at 7:45 on Saturday morning! In putting together our team lineup, I will give priority to players who have ICC experience.

If you are interested, please email me ASAP so that I can put together our lineup.

Update 2/24: I currently have commitments from 6 players and need 2-4 more.
Update 2/26: I now have 9 players and don't need any more.

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