Friday, February 27

Pairings for CalChess vs South Africa Match

A friendship scholastic chess match between CalChess and South Africa is scheduled for Saturday morning. The games on the Internet Chess Club will begin at 8:00am San Francisco time, which is 6:00pm in Johannesburg. Eight kids from each team will square off, playing two 45 5 games that may take up to three hours. Most of the participants are 12 to 14 years old and rated between 1500 and 1800.

Here are the pairings for the match. South Africa will be white in the first game and CalChess will be white in the second one. I will update the results live on this blog.
  1. 2.0:0.0 SouthAfrica1 (Darren B, 1800) vs CalChess (Ojas C, 1801)
  2. 1.5:0.5 SouthAfrica5 (Craig B, 1788) vs CalChess (Steven H, 1731)
  3. 1.0:1.0 SouthAfrica2 (Francois O, 1620) vs CalChess (Alex G, 1739)
  4. 1.0:1.0 SouthAfrica8 (Divek S, 1675) vs CalChess (Roland Z, 1748)
  5. 0.5:1.5 SouthAfrica7 (Petrus B, 1650) vs CalChess (Aditya K, 1689)
  6. 0.0:2.0 SouthAfrica3 (Vikash M, 1550) vs CalChess (Evan Y, 1658)
  7. 0.0:2.0 SouthAfrica6 (Byron TM, 1550) vs CalChess (Samyukta B, 1641)
  8. board 8 was canceled because one player from each team did not show up
TOTAL = South Africa 6.0 -- 8.0 CalChess

To follow the match live on ICC, simply observe the corresponding SouthAfrica account. To watch board 1, type: /observe SouthAfrica1. For board 2, type: /observe SouthAfrica5.

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