Friday, March 27

Play USCF Rated Online!

The US Chess Federation has partnered with two leading online chess sites to offer weekly rated quick and blitz tournaments on the internet.  Participants will earn a USCF online quick or online blitz rating, which are separate from the regular quick and blitz categories.  There are no plans at this time for online rated slow time control events.

You must have a current USCF membership in addition to an active account at either the Internet Chess Club or  The Internet Chess Club (ICC) requires a paid account to play in these events.  Special: USCF members may now claim a 20% discount!  On the other hand, offers free basic accounts, but the many premium features are well worth the price.  While I am a longtime ICC administrator, I play blitz on both live servers.

ICC schedule:
3+2 blitz on Mondays @ 4pm PDT
12+3 quick on Saturdays @ 2pm PDT
Log into the main server and register under the Activities or Events console.  Alternatively, you can type "/tell uscf join" without quotes to sign up with the USCF robot.  Beware the popup form!  Tournaments open 20 minutes before start time, and are open to late join.
USCF Rating Reports schedule:  
3+2 blitz on Wednesdays @ 5pm PDT 
15+10 quick on Fridays @ 5pm PDT
Log into the Live Chess server (from Play menu) and join under the Tournaments tab.  Arrive a few minutes early--no late entries!  In addition, you must fill out the USCF Authentication form and request to join the USCF group at least one day in advance.
USCF Rating Reports

Note 1: Schedule and time controls are subject to change.
Note 2: Each time control has an increment, e.g. 3+2 is G/3 min with 2 sec increment.
Note 3: You need your USCF ID and PIN to verify your membership before your first tourney.  You may find the PIN on the address label on Chess Life magazine, or by completing this form.

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