Saturday, November 8

2014 World Chess Championship

Anand begins Game 1 with the white pieces. Credit: Chessbase.

World Champion Magnus Carlsen (NOR) vs Challenger Viswanathan Anand (IND).

G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 G9 G10 G11 G12 Total
Carlsen = 1 0 = = 1 = = = = 1 x 6.5
Anand = 0 1 = = 0 = = = = 0 x 4.5

Format = 12 Game Match, first to 6.5 wins.
Schedule = Games on Nov 8 - 25. Rest on every 3rd day. If needed, tiebreaker on Nov 27.
Play begins at 3:00pm Moscow time, 7:00am New York time, 4:00am California time.
Time Control = 40/120, 20/60, G/15 with a 30 second increment after move 60.

Game by Game Log
  1. White = Anand. Exchange Gruenfeld opening. Anand held a small middlegame advantage, but then Carlsen began pressing in even endgame. Drawn in 48 moves.
  2. White = Carlsen. Ruy Lopez, Anti Berlin Wall 4.d3. Carlsen loaded Alekhine's Gun on move 28. Under pressure, Anand blundered on move 34 and immediately lost!   
  3. White = Anand. Classical Queen's Gambit Declined. Carlsen challenged Anand in a theoretical line, allowing a protected passer on c7.  Anand won prosaically in 34 moves.
  4. White = Carlsen. Sicilian with 3.g3. A quiet opening gave Carlsen a small advantage, but Anand defended well in a Queen endgame. Drawn in 47 moves.  
  5. White = Anand. Queen's Indian with 4.g3. Anand obtained superior development, but this edge evaporated with careful defense. Drawn in 39 moves.
  6. White = Carlsen. Kan Sicilian, Maroczy bind. Despite a horrible double blunder on move 26 when Anand could have won, Carlsen scored in 38 moves using his strong bishop pair.  
  7. White = Carlsen. Ruy Lopez, Berlin Wall 9... Ke8. Theory for 24 moves. Anand sacrificed a piece to draw an endgame with all pawns on Queenside. R+N vs R drawn in 122 moves
  8. White = Anand. Classical Queen's Gambit Declined. Playing swiftly all game, Carlsen equalized without much difficulty. Drawn in 41 moves.
  9. White = Carlsen. Ruy Lopez, Berlin Wall 9... Ke8. Surprisingly, drawn by repetition in just 20 moves. Carlsen retains the lead, but Anand plays white in 2 of last 3 games.
  10. White = Anand. Russian variation of Gruenfeld. Anand played an interesting line using the bishop pair, but gave up his advantage on move 28. Drawn in 32 moves
  11. White = Carlsen. Ruy Lopez, Berlin Wall 9... Bd7. Anand obtained good position after 23... b5, but overpressed with 26... Rdb8 and 27... Rb4. Carlsen clinched in 45 moves.
  12. Not necessary

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