Thursday, December 19

NorCal Kids Take on the World!

American stars from 2012: Cameron Wheeler (Silver U12), Sam Sevian
(Gold U12) and Kayden Troff (Gold U14 from Utah)

The Bay Area once again fields a significant percentage of Team USA at the World Youth in United Arab Emirates.  Out of 94 Americans, I counted 19 children from Northern California (20%) with 13 boys and 6 girls.  Quite a few local participants bring experience, having weathered previous editions of these annual Championships.  All of the American youngsters dream of following in the footsteps of five Bay Area champions over the past six years.

U12 Champ Naroditsky
Photo: Dujiu Yang

Unfortunately, the initial reports from UAE describe an organization unprepared for 1800+ players and 4000+ delegates, including parents, siblings, team coaches and officials.  For everyone's sanity, we can only hope the conditions improve quickly.  On a positive note, the Pairings & Results have been finally been posted online (presumably without additional errors).

The following list includes the entire Northern California contingent.  Ratings are first USCF, then FIDE (for most kids, USCF is significantly higher than FIDE).  If I overlooked someone, please post a comment or email me..

  • U-18 GM Daniel Naroditsky 2614, 2531 2-0!
  • G-16 Taylor McCreary 1886, unrated
  • U-14 NM Kesav Viswanadha 2300, 2142
  • U-14 NM Vignesh Panchanatham 2272, 2097 2-0!
  • U-14 NM Colin Chow 2266, 2138
  • Playing hall (Photo: Sarah McCarty
  • U-14 NM Siddharth Banik 2196, 1974
  • G-14 Ashritha Eswaran 2183, 1948
  • G-12 Joanna Liu 1833, 1777 2-0!
  • U-10 Josiah Stearman 2090, unrated 2-0!
  • G-10 Chenyi Zhao 1738, unrated
  • U-8 Balaji Daggupati 1871, 1737 2-0!
  • U-8 Milind Maiti 1815, 1458
  • U-8 Rishith Susarla 1762, unrated 2-0!
  • U-8 Maurya Palusa  1705, unrated
  • U-8 Advait Budaraju 1703, unrated
  • U-8 Callaghan McCarty-Snead 1702, 1587
  • U-8 Chinguun Bayaraa 1555, 1609
  • G-8 Annapoorni Meiyappan 1336, unrated
  • G-8 Aksithi Eswaran 1130, unrated

After 2 rounds, the Bay Area contingent has 6 perfect scores and an overall 67% against tough competition..  Keep up the good work!  Good luck!!

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