Wednesday, June 12

Bay Area Kids Play in Online Invitational

Ashritha ponders her next move.
Thanks to David Petty for this exciting press release. Make sure to watch the action this weekend LIVE on! is set to host the 2nd Annual Online National Chess Championship, June 14th-17th 2013. Founded and organized in June of 2012, last year's event was the first of its kind as the only ever online National Chess Championship - approved by the United States Chess Federation (USCF). is the "scholastic extension" of the world's largest chess website - By bringing so many of the nation's best and brightest youth chess players together for an event of this magnitude, and the USCF hope to provide more exposure for the great game of chess, as well as all the benefits the game has on a child's cognitive development and critical thinking skills.

For many of these strong junior chess players, it is their first experience playing in an "invitational / closed" event - a format generally reserved for very prestigious, high level tournaments. Like the first, this year's event brings together the nation's best scholastic chess players in each respective age group to battle over the web for a national title. To add to last year's Under 12 and Under 8 divisions, has added two additional sections: an Under 10 and Girls Under 13.

Josiah sees everything.
The "Round Robin" format will see each player have a chance to face off against everyone in their age group. Each child will compete from a public location (mostly chess clubs) in their area, or from home under the observation from a "neutral" adult observer and their parents. The games will be broadcasted over the internet, with live commentary from National and International Master level chess coaches.  The time control is G/90 with a 30 second increment.

Each of the four sections includes at least invitee from Northern California.  Most will play their online games from the NorCal House of Chess in Fremont.  Best of skill to all!

Participants from Northern California
Click here for the list of all players
  • U-8: Rishith Susarla 1739
  • U-8: Balaji Daggupati 1549
  • U-10: Josiah Stearman 1927
  • U-12: FM Tanuj Vasudeva 2117
  • Girls-13: Ashritha Eswaran 2121

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