Monday, December 3

NorCal Top Players - December 2012

World U12 gold medalist Sam Sevian
The following two lists show the top masters who are currently active and live in Northern California.  I exempted local juniors who attend college out of state from the residency requirement.  Both USCF and FIDE ratings are official as of December 2012.  Please contact me if I may have overlooked someone.

Here are some broad observations.  Not surprisingly, the twin rankings include almost all of the same players.  In fact, the only exceptions are SM Gregory Kotlyar (#19 USCF) and IM Elliott Winslow (#15 FIDE).  Nobody can doubt who the most active titled player is on the Bay Area scene: IM Ricardo DeGuzman.  Now that former World U18 champions GM Sam Shankland and IM Steven Zierk attend college in Massachusetts, only four star juniors remain: former World U12 champion IM Daniel Naroditsky, former US U20 (Junior) champion SM Greg Young, current World U12 champion SM Sam Sevian and former US U16 (Cadet) champion FM Yian Liou.  All four are concentrating on earning GM/IM norms and none has played locally in half a year.  However, Greg, Sam and Yian all participated in the Metropolitan Chess International in Los Angeles last August.



1 GM Shankland, Sam 2684
GM Shankland, Sam 2595
2 GM DeFirmian, Nick 2575
GM DeFirmian, Nick 2510
3 IM Naroditsky, Daniel 2553
IM Naroditsky, Daniel 2483
4 GM Browne, Walter 2524
IM Zierk, Steven 2477
5 IM Zierk, Steven 2519
GM Browne, Walter 2448
6 FM De La Cruz, Alfredo 2488
IM DeGuzman, Ricardo 2400
7 IM Zilberstein, Dmitry 2468
SM Sharma, Arun 2391
8 SM Sharma, Arun 2467
IM Zilberstein, Dmitry 2390
9 SM Young, Greg 2467
IM Donaldson, John 2390
10 SM Sevian, Sam 2451
FM Strugatsky, Vladimir 2390
11 FM Chumachenko, Andrey 2435
SM Young, Greg 2367
12 FM Liou, Yian 2432
IM Pruess, David 2363
13 IM Pruess, David 2431
FM Liou, Yian 2352
14 IM Mezentsev, Vladimir 2429
IM Mezentsev, Vladimir 2352
15 IM DeGuzman, Ricardo 2423
IM Winslow, Elliott 2348
16 IM Kaufman, Raymond 2422
IM Kaufman, Raymond 2345
17 FM Strugatsky, Vladimir 2421
SM Sevian, Sam 2343
18 IM Donaldson, John 2408
FM Chumachenko, Andrey 2327
19 SM Kotlyar, Gregory 2402
FM De La Cruz, Alfredo 2318
20 NM Ishkhanov, Tigran 2364
NM Ishkhanov, Tigran 2306

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