Thursday, March 5

Sacramento Team Championship Round 5

The UC Davis Knights prevailed 3.5-2.5 in Wednesday's showdown against second place B-Nam. The match was tight throughout and it came down to the top board between NM Jimmy Heiserman and the multiple time Sacramento champion NM James MacFarland. The UCD freshman from Texas drew the game and now the Knights hold a nearly insurmountable 1.5 match lead with just two weeks to go. Congratulations!

While many had predicted a victory by the Knights, few people saw the low rated King Hunters defeating my Elk Grove squad by 4-2! When I looked up after winning a sloppy endgame on board 1, my teammates were literally staggering from a shutout on boards 2-5. I am sure to hear about this score for the rest of 2009. Big sigh!

TEAM STANDINGS (after round 5)
  1. UC Davis Knights 5.0 MP, 22.0 GP
  2. B-Nam 3.5 MP, 17.0 GP
  3. Warriors 3.0 MP, 19.0 GP
  4. UC Davis Bishops 2.5 MP, 15.5 GP
  5. Elk Grove 2.0 MP, 16.5 GP
  6. King Hunters 2.0 MP, 11.5 GP
  7. Zoka Zoki Academy 1.0 MP, 10.0 GP
  8. Daze Knights 1.0 MP, 7.5 GP
Captions for the photos, counterclockwise from top left:
  • NM Jimmy Heiserman, board 1 for UCD Knights.
  • NM James MacFarland, board 1 for B-Nam.
  • NM Steven Ross (on left) and Alonzo McCaulley, boards 1 and 2 for Warriors.
  • Mike Parmon, captain of the King Hunters, making a point to his students.
  • Donald Dixon (on left) and William Lombard, Elk Grove team.
  • Robert Russo (from left), Romeo Pilar and Bernie Lu, Elk Grove team.

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