Wednesday, July 30

Naroditsky Brothers Play in Czech Open

(Big brother Alan posed with the World U12 Champion at the Reno tournament in March.)

Most families who can afford it spend some time during the summer to travel. What do you do if one of the kids is a World Champion of chess? Of course, you go to chess events in Europe! This year, FM Danya Naroditsky and his older brother Alan went to Pardubice in the Czech Republic (or is it the Check Republic?) to participate in the 1500 player Czech Open. Danya, rated 2313 FIDE, competed in the "Open A" together with over 40 Grandmasters. Alan, who recently got his first FIDE rating of 2136, played in the "Open B" for FIDE ratings under 2300--his first ever international chess tournament.

After nine days of intense competition, both boys finished with strong results! Danya scored 5.5 out of 9 for a 2442 performance. Seven of his opponents were rated over 2400 FIDE, including one GM and two IMs. Danya narrowly missed making an IM norm, coming half a point short in the end. Alan earned 6.5 out of 9 for a performance about 100 points above his shiny new FIDE rating. Ranked 80th in his section at the start, Alan finished tied for 12th place. Way to go boys!

Here is a sample of their games from Pardubice, downloaded from the official website.

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Sam Shankland said...

Major CONGRATS to Alan and Danya for both pulling off very impressive results!
Sam S